Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beneath The Sky Line

I stepped forward and rode east Friday. The plan is always to leave before the rush hour traffic gets to thick but it never fails.... I always end up smack dab in the middle of it. It's not bad on a bike if you are into splitting lanes but drivers in Chicago will straight up try to take you out with their cage. I had one dude wait for me at the toll both and try to run me down..... I proceeded to give him a big smile which pissed him off even more.

I was doing pretty good as far as the watch was concerned until I suddenly noticed violent vibration. My front end was literally jumping off the ground. Thought my frame may have broke. As I pulled her to the sidelines I quickly realized my rear tire felt squarer than it did round. I rode it five miles to the oasis while it jack hammered my kidneys. I grabbed some Ice Cream and waited for Meesha and Eugene to show up with a truck.



I grabbed a well used tire from the Bravetown loft and mounted it up

It was a splendid night and we were about to smell the cold waters of Lake Michigan. There's is nothing like a ride down Lake Shore Drive on a summer night. Deep black and a cool breeze from the left and bright lights and never ending energy at your right.


Danny's Trike

I-94 north is a great place to leave your mind behind at 2 am




Sean fixing the things Brain broke.

The St. Paul crew showed up at Bravetown's doorstep so we kindly took them in. They were just getting back from a swap in Ohio.

Blasting the interstate

Brad is always kind enough to share his bed when the ladies are not.

Brad and Amanda

North headed East

Split'n... Shift'n... Shoot'n
all the way to North Beach. A crazy storm had just passed leaving behind lots of sunshine and a bucket of humidity. The beach sounded refreshing. Parking was nil so we parked in a questionable area then waded the waters. We must have looked like a scumball rolling across the beach. It wasn't long after we noticed two coppers looking at the bikes like "really close".... Shit..... Me and Eugene thought it would be better to confront the coppers in a friendly manner and offer to move them before they were towed away for ever. One cop said... "That's funny... this kentucky plate doesn't come back to anything" He told Brad it was a computer glitch and that he might as well wipe his ass with the ticket. Eugene walked and I was the only one to get a ticket... But the coppers were cool.

After Brad wiped his ass with his ticket we headed over to Remis' place where he was having a birthday party for his son.

Trailer Park CupCakes

Getting big

Slippery Pete



276ccm said...

Very cool photoseries! Great show! :-)

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Dig the new bars!!

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Great photos... wow.

Joe said...

Amazing pics.

WisconsinWillard said...

Very fuckin cool Josh, as usual.

Parrot said...

haha love the giant straight edge tattoo

Future Primitive said...

wait...you guys like choppers?

Mac said...

great series. one of the best posts ive come across anywhere for a while.

getstoked said...

fucking amazing photos, kid. as always.

JimmyFick said...

Sounds like a good time man! As you've said, I need to get out of this corn lol!

Tony d. said...

prison style weight room.

appropriately those two are the inmates.

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Them new bars are sick man! I dig em a lot. Great pics as useual