Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lifesaver/Ruler/Talent Oozer

On the way out to BFII I had lost power about 50 miles West of Salt Lake City. After dialing it down to a bad generator we started weighing options and I gave Matt Davis a call knowing that he was familiar with the SLC crew. Sure enough I got a hold of Jake who was out of town so he told me to call up Steven. Had I known that Steven would log 90 miles just to get to us I never would've asked but sure enough this stand up dude put damn near 200 miles on his truck at midnight for a perfect stranger and refused even a dime for the gas. Dude, you are the reason riding motorcycles is so much bigger than a quick high. Hats off and never ending thanks. Check out Steven Stone of The Blacklist and Bolts Action, super bitchin dude and crazy talented.

In the morning Steven hooked us up with Andy of Pangea speed who gracefully picked me up and ran me to his shop to grab a generator off of one of his projects. Once again this dude is way solid and filled with some crazy motorcycle talent. SLC gets a thumbs up in the log book, hope to ride with you dudes someday and we always have an open door for you.


Jackieshan said...

Yeah Stone! Rad dude. Amazing photographer.

BA said...

Two of my fav dudes ever and I have the luxury of calling both friends. Glad you got to meet them and stoked on your impressions of SLC. Come back sometime and stay awhile.

Stone said...

Hells yeah, Brian.
It was super rad to meet you and the rest of your crew, and I'm stoked we were able to get you back on the road without too much bullshit!
Skimming over the highlights of y'alls trip, I'm just jealous I didn't join the posse!
Hit us up any time y'all are in our neck, you've always got some doors open to ya'!

DicE Magazine said...

Yup, the SLC blokes are great, them boys is the real thang fo shure.
Y'know what Brian? you hit the nail on the head with ""riding motorcycles is so much bigger than a quick high", right on brother, right on.