Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do you know what you want out of life?
Are you fumbling around with the daily ho-hum;
doing this and doing that, each day bleeding
into the next, till a whole week, month, or year goes by?
It's easy to just go with the flow and do what it takes
to get a paycheck and fill your fridge with groceries.
You sit in your cage, in traffic for an hour or so each day,
Get to work and warm a chair for 10 hours.
Or maybe you're workin your ass off with nothing to show for it
but busted knuckles and a sore back.
Or maybe your struggle to conform has left you without a job.
You tried to do the "right" thing, but the corporate promise
has left you with a raw asshole without even the added benefit of a reacharound.
When was the last time you painted a picture of yourself?
A picture of where you want to be.
Not where you have to be?


Christian said...

To bad I can't paint. ;)

nunyadambusiness said...

good stuff. thanks man. -ed

WisconsinWillard said...

Damn Mitch, that's deep, soulful, and true.

Jim Franco said...

Well stated, and great advice. May I add just one more thought for good measure, as though what you said wasn't enough!

I heard this before and posed this to my grown Son,

"Think about where you'd like to see yourself in 5 years. Now get to making that happen, slow but sure. 'Cause if you DON'T take some step towards that will still be where you are at this moment."

Good one...thanks for taking the time to pen your wisdom.

"Boston" JIm Franco

Mitch said...

Willard, nunya- thanks.
Christian- use a camera ;)
Right on Jim! thanks.

CycleDelicCycles said...

man... no fuckin doubt. I spend all day every day thinkin about what I'd LIKE to be doin', while I'm doin what I cant stand; for the man, makin' weapons of war, although I hate war. Nobody to blame but myself I guess. Right on Mitch, truer shit has never been spoken.

cotie said...

love you brotha

illustrated-man said...

Bad true for bad life...
Sorry , not for me...
I draw , i tattoo and paint
every days
thank you man