Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Later Joe

only an Eagles girl!
Handlebar rides never get old

dirty jersey
I need my ring back
6am tacos and front row seats for an amazing crusty punk/jock fight

Joe's been home doing some work to get him through the winter so we turned it up a bit before he heads back to the mountain.

photos: Sarah Boychek


Kid Kurpius said...

I jealous.... I"m tired of living in the corn it's really starting to get old.

B Harlow said...

you know whats up next summer. just hold tight, eat some corn or something!

Kid Kurpius said...

Oh.... I know.... The funny thing is.... I just had sweet corn for the first time this year today.....

Tony d. said...

miss that dude, miss you fuckers, miss being on the road.

Future Primitive said...

sarahs bike locked up to robs front end....eagle status.