Saturday, June 26, 2010


We finally left Tahoe and met up with Country Mile veteran and new Bravetown member Brad outside of Modesto for the ride south to LA. I didn't take too many photos at the show simply because I was having too much fun but what the Born Free crew pulled off is nothing less than astonishing. The following day Wilbur III threw together a real sweet bbq for his friends and knocked it outta the park with the food. Once again Wil, thanks for the never ending hospitality and a friendship that only we know. Wil set out on a bird the following morning while we reluctantly left the beach for a date with Bacon at his biker den in Apple Valley. The weather of below the waist California entices me but not nearly as much as all the folks I call friend there. See you all soon.

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Mochi said...

it was great to meet you guys!!!
I had a great time!!!
Thank you!!!
you are so cool!!!
See you again!!!