Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kemosabe and The Utah Sweat Lodge

View from the tent.
Hot boxin the tent. Kevo's Suite
Utah Renegade Camp with horses.

Well if they are in Utah that means that they made it out of the Hoe. or they are heading back.
either way they are doin it right.


Jason said...

Man you coulda told me you took that pic of all you guys at the top of Mt. Everest and i would have believed it. harsh miles.

Jim said...

Man, couldn't believe it while headed back into Vernal, Utah from the phosphate mine pulling a loaded end dump with a pup, I pulled over to the outside lane to let some bikers go by so i would'nt hold them up anymore, sorry about that guys, but to my surprise it turned out to be the crew from Chicago.

I couldn't believe what i was seeing. I've followed the kemo and the lodge blog for a few months and y'all are my hero's. Would love to get something like that going here but nobody rides. Unless you count up and down main street a couple of times and then pulling over for a latte.

Anyway, don't mean to be so long winded but it just shocked the shit out of me when y'all passed. Then i saw you again on main street heading back west and was hoping to catch up with you guys just to say hi and thanks for the inspiration.

was gonna offer to let you guys shower and what not and have a beer or two, if you could've got past my dog to the fridge. Anyway just wanted to say it was great to see people i've been following along on your blogs and to keep it up! Wish i was riding with y'all.

lifeisfuct-diekruzen HEAVY KLOTHING said...

they'll come back all deranged,mere shell's of their former selves,all fuct up...on freedom.