Monday, June 14, 2010


One of my most favorite albums of all time. This album came out while I was stationed in North Dakota way back in the day and the Grand Forks radio station there played the hell out of it all the time - many different cuts-by request. When they came to town to play live- they packed the fuckin house- Grand Forks loved these guys. I stood right in front to get my face seared off - they were bitchen live. Towards the end of the show they played one of my all-time favorite Skynyrd songs - "On The Hunt". Audley Freed is a bad mother on guitar and Kelly Holland's vocals fit this music like a glove. These dudes need to get back together and cut another album.

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tony ambrosi said...

saw them in calgary on this tour, they were really good. I got hit in the head by one of there drum sticks at the end of the show ouch!!