Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gilby Clarke

I was surprised when Gilby contacted me stating that he was on tour and would be in Chicago playing a show. I couldn't believe he was already going full bore after his motorcycle accident back in January. Some dipshit pulled out in front of him then left the scene of the accident and now refuses to admit that he was in fact the one involved. Gilby had just finished his pan and was riding it home from it's first show when this took place. He was left with a totaled Bike and two totaled legs. Anyway he is back on stage doing what he does best. On Tuesday I headed to the south side to check out his show.

Gilby has be rocking stages around the world since the 80's. He has been in such bands has Candy, Kill For Thrills, Guns N Roses, Slash's Snake Pit, Supernova and of course his Gilby Clarke Solo Records. He has also played Guitar for MC5, Heart and Nancy Sinatra

and has produced many including The Bronx, LA Guns and Alice Cooper to name a few.

Check him out here and here

It was good seeing you Gilby...... and remember..... You ain't shit if you don't limp.....

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Haley said...

Whoever took that first photo sure is talented! Amazing! ;)