Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chicago Nights

After two weeks in Italy without riding a bike it was mandatory that I get on the highway with two wheels as soon as I could. I came home to a none running bike and after three days of traveling and no sleep..... seeing what went on while I was gone made for a few more days of no sleep. I got a fresh battery and switched out the carb. The Bike seemed to run great until I hit the interstate. I found that my gas was boiling. I quickly rerouted my fuel line and split lanes all the way into the city.

It was refreshing to see good friends and hear the unedited tails from the road. Most of my riding time is spent alone so when Slippery Pete, Eugene, Brad and myself hit 90 it never felt better. Blasting through the traffic.... looking over at each other with a big smile on our faces. We stopped in and said hi to Joe Mamma.

On friday we grilled some brats and burgers at Bravetown then hit up Lake Shore Drive. Nights like this just don't get much better.
Amanda Searching

Brad is Straight Edge but he had us all flying higher than a kite with all the solventants he was using to clean his bike.

Deb cooked the Brats and turned them with a greasy axle. They were the best Brats I ever had.

Mitch cooked the Burgers

Brian trying a never flavor.

Ross showed up..... I didn't even recognize the fucker

Ladies should leave their white shirts at home if they plan on riding on the back of a bike from Bravetown. Sissy bar imprint.

chocolate milk and Swedish Fish

Seeing the future

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