Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jay and Charlie

On the edge of Douglas Wyoming Kevos frame decided to take a break on him which led him to throwing his hands up in defeat and prepare for the uhaul ride home. Immediately we told him that the road would take care of us and not to sweat it. I shot up to the exit and talked with the gas pump owner who immediately called up his buddy Charlie. Sure enough, "Charlies on his way with a trailer and he'll run you right over to Jays shop".

Kevos frame snapping was one of the best parts of the trip, without it we never would've been able to call Charlie and Jay friends. Out of this entire trip I have a ton of memories of great friends, great bikes and beautiful scenery but without a doubt the most lasting will be those of all the strangers we chatted with and who showed us the kinder side of this world.

Charlie ran us up to Jays shop where Jay had already prepped the project after my description of the issues. Turns out Jay has a pretty big history in the drag bike circuit and was more than stoked to help some riders get back on the road. Jay we thank you for all the hospitality from the bottom of our hearts and hope to one day return the favor or at the least crack one open together.

Once we wrapped up the fix-it we went into town to have dinner at Charlies restaurant and get a room in his hotel. We were greeted with his collection of toys sitting out back followed by the meanest burger in all of Wyoming. Upon calling it a night we had a bit of a run in with the locals and decided the bikes would be better off sleeping next to us, I guess cowboys and bikers still don't mix.

Thanks for everything Charlie!

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Mac said...

what the hell happened with the cowboys? this sounds interesting.