Thursday, October 20, 2011

Whats good for the body proves bad for the mind

After my ride with John Henry I decided to hole up at a motel for a night to heal some blisters and rest some old haunt injuries that've been acting up from the early years of wearing this hat. It was the first time i felt the loneliness and it made me say some stupid shit to a friend. Couldn't wait to get back on the road this morning, TV sucks.

As soon as i hit it this morning my head felt amazing again, the not knowing and not caring is the most enlightening feeling. Iowa has been far more scenic and even more friendly than Illinois, lots of livestock and rolling hills. I stopped to feed these guys some banana chips and a young kid pulled up. He was working on a construction site i passed and his boss sent him to get me some lunch, unbelievable.

A few miles down the road these sisters picked me up for about 20 miles of funny conversation and some luxury leather seat setting. Said thanks and goodbye with awkward hugs that lasted a touch too long and got my ass grabbed.

Hiked about 7 miles towards Durant and Big Sean pulled up in his dually as I was pissing on a corn stalk. Good ole boy that went out of his way to get me to a gas stop with a campground about a mile up a gravel road.

This is what I had to choose from for boots and my favorites have been champion work horses. I watch them all day long so sorry if its a boring topic, pretty big part of my days though.

Got to the camp ground which i have to myself, unfortunately me and Ralph Macchio are both outta luck.

29 degrees tonight before it starts to warm back up tomorrow, gotta keep this fire going.


CRO said...

This is it man! I know you know what I mean. I have to admit, I love following you, but part of me wishes you would have kept the trip to yourself. Feel me?


caferacers66 said...

the Lakota hold their visions for a year before speaking but yeah man this is beautiful watching the whole trip and so digging it, your doing what I did years ago and just so psyched for you. BTW if you get stones in the fire (not river rocks too much H20 in them & they will fragment) and heat them put them under your bag in a hole cover the hole or a series of if you wish, roll the bag out and enjoy a very nice warm night. Peace.

motoguru. said...

My first check in since you took off so I'm a little late to realize that you're WALKING. Fuck yes. Do your thing!

Ryan said...

Love following this journey man. Ran into a dude in Portland the other night and I was telling him about this guy that was hoofing it cross country. Apparently he is a friend of yours from Chicago, small world! Keep on keepin' on, thanks for the stories.

Big Blue's Driver said...

Dig that the guys bought you food. People can sometimes surprise you in a good way.

LunchBox said...


Well now they call me the breeze
I keep blowin' down the road...

Well I got that green light baby
I got to keep movin' on
Well I might go out to California
Might go down to Georgia
I don't know...


Bitchin man..showz u that there are still good people in this world and see the good in people even if they are hoofin of luck in your journey walkabout..

Turnbackid said...

Best of luck on the trip! If you need ANYTHING along the way you got my #. I found that people outside of IL are just generally more welcoming.


antihero1972 said...

crazy you still meet decent people in this day and age. I thank you for sharing this journey with us.