Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Listenin to em over and over like a fuckin' 13 year old.


BCM said...

Hell yes!
Fair warning tour was my first show.

caferacers66 said...

one could not fire up the '72 riviera and leave without two things, a finger sized wrap of pot and van fucking halen blasting, fair warning was my intro to the good life.
Soon enough hagar was in the mix; and then rap started and the general decline of the world. Coincidence? think not bro, think not.

The Tank said...

Spooky been jamming the crap out VH lately, didnt know why...collective consciousness in action! They were so good for a few years... had II on 8 track as a kid! Women n Children kicks ass too!

hotshot said...

Always loved this band. Saw them in 1982 in L.A. when I was 14. So many hot stoner chicks in attendance. I think i got high for the first time offa' second hand smoke...ha ha