Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Train whistles and coyote calls

Caught a ride on sunday to just outside of Rock Falls, set up camp and settled in for the first of some chilly nights. A few miles out of Rock Falls Sean pulled up in his late 90's ranger on super swampers. Sean was 19 with a 2 yr old little girl and a baby boy on the way but he was more concerned with finding work so he could drop a v8 in his ranger. He got me down to Prophetstown where i got a spot at the campground on the river with hot showers. Set up camp, took a shower and headed into town to find a tavern. I drank $20 worth of $1 drafts and stumbled back to camp for my first fire and some beans from a can. Nice to sleep on the river for a change, the corns getting pretty repetative. Low 30's at night, not really prepared and just when i start to doze jonny ratchet blows that train whistle or them coyotes start barking. Not to mention i was shitting like a wildcat thanks to all them draft buds, Harlan always told me to avoid the draft.

I did want them all

Hanging out in the woods talkibg to Bacon on the phone. His outlook is always comedic at the least.

Change of view

Trying to warm up. Got about 2 miles outta Prophetstown this morning and a mini van stopped with a 20 something and his mom. They said they'd get me a bit south but they needed to sell there fridge today so i offered a hand and we stopped and loaded her up. One things for sure, these folks in these small towns are feeling this crunch in our country. It heads up most my conversations.

I run into these guys every few miles. I hate snakes, i usually pester em a bit. I yelled at this one cause he was braver than me

This is becoming pretty routine in every town. They usually chuckle when i tell them whats up, so do I. This one tried to steer me around town but the neon called me in. Tonight ill be ditchin it again outside of town, who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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Hey Brian you're just a bit south of my area. You want some company or some food or anything, let me know. 815-590-8372