Friday, February 19, 2010

Rake and Trail

She handled a lot better than I thought she would. Moving this bike around the shop has been a chore. It is so awkward and long I figured she would ride like shit. Before changing anything around it had two feet of trail. After switching the wheels out and flipping the spacer from the bottom of the stem to the top.... the trail improved dramatically. It still has plenty of flop but seems to ride just fine. I set the trail for the Locust right where it needs to be and it's still scary as hell to ride.... not that it bothers me any. I have very little flop but I think because every is so skinny any little movement I make from my head to my toes will dramatically affect the direction the bike wants to travel. I plan on making a new springer this year with Sugar Bears philosophy in mind. Hopefully then I can stand up on it and have both hands on my camera.

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chris L said...

Dude talk about a David man Painting. That is the radest picture ever man.