Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lets get lost

Me and this guy here are working on something special.

So I started another phase of a high rise job downtown which means that I've got demo crews working nights and other trades starting at 6am leaving my sleep schedule all kinds of bananas. But what I love about this is being able to pull all nighters at the shop with no distractions followed by giant cups of coffee under the tracks downtown at 4am, smoking cigarettes and listening to Chet baker set the pace. I head down early on these mornings just so I can really enjoy an hour of decompression and get some thoughts down. The city's still pretty tired at this hour but it never lets go of that magic and in the ten years that I've lived here and the 30+ that I've been coming here, downtown Chicago, no matter how many hours a day I spend in its shadows, still has that romance. I can't imagine Chet sounding any better than he does with the melting snow rolling down the windshield, the sound of the tracks waking up and the rumble of diesels making their deliveries but just as the coffee hits that perfect temperature and your halfway into that second smoke Chet lays that voice on you in a rare vocal track and that's when you really get lost. So on that note I'm off to the filling station for my coffee and some real talk with my pal Chet. Hope you all have a good day and a chance to get lost as well.


cougs said...

great post. i love those hours of the night/morning when the world is just barely beginning to stir and wake up. i've never seen the weber documentary. been trying to find a copy....amazon sells it but it's formatted for europe.

SynchronisedDeathSequence said...

Sleep.....is over rated!
Some of my best work and thinking time is when I have had no fucking sleep! Bands, Gigs, 3 hours sleep each nite. Its my most creative time. Crash N burn baby! Great blog man!