Monday, February 15, 2010


Gram Parsons

Well now if I have to swim a river, you know I will
And if I have to climb a mountain you know I will
And if she's hiding up on a blueberry hill
I'm gonna find her, child, you know I will
Cause I've been searching, oh yeah, searching
My goodness, searching every which a-way, yeah-yeah
But I'm like the Northwest Mountie
You know I'll bring her in some day, gonna find her
Well Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade got nothing, child, on me
Sergeant Friday, charlie Chan, and Boston Blackie
No matter where she's hiding, she's gonna hear me
Cause I'm gonna walk right down that street
Like Bulldog Drummond because I've been searching
Oh Lord, searching, mmm child
Searching every which a-way, yeah-yeah
You know I'll bring her in some day, gonna find her


mind pill said...

parson`s a god............

grant said...

GP and the International Submarine Band are top fav's. The GP documentary is a good'un too.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I finally made it to the hotel where he died in Joshua Tree. *sigh*

Tony d. said...

wasn't he heading up some project? and wasn't his first name Allan?

cougs said...
check out the above link. great post on parsons. kinda weird they're separated only by a couple of weeks.