Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Glide'n

I stopped over at Mike's last night just in time to help Chris and his dad unload a Super Glide out of the van. It hadn't been ridden since 1985. Chris always talked about this Shovel that his dad had parked in the garage before he was born. He remembered climbing over it and seating on it in the garage as a child. Over the years car projects and over sweet finds were collected and stored to the point of almost completely burying the thing against the back wall of the garage. The day finally came to unbury it.

Chris' Sporty project.

After a great Fish Fry Feast over at Todd Tod's we threw a Carb on it... new plugs.... a brand new 30 year old battery... sanded the points... gave her a few kicks and she lit up. I took it for its first ride since the clutch plates where all locked up... but after a few rips up and down the road it freed up.

Mike is one of those guys that has too many projects. He finally pulled this one out from the corner. He scored it in the evo revolution when this junk could be had for peanuts. I've been trying to walk out with it a piece at a time but it looks like he caught on. Damn.. I should of grabbed the motor first.........


chris L said...

that was way coool man!! as i was riding it i was just thinking no way is this happening!!! thanks again Josh i really appreciate the help man. killer pics as useual man

Moto Panic said...

You trying to pull a Johnny Cash? "I got it one piece at a time."

By the way, you take some bitchin' photos man. Keep on keepin' on.