Monday, March 21, 2011


I made my way to the city this weekend and spent some good time with good friends. We pieced together some motorcycles, got rowdy at the bar then woke up this afternoon and ate bacon and Coca-Cola.

We also watched the follow up to The Dancing Outlaw..... Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

It all started with D. Ray White

His son..... Jesco brought attention to the White family as the Dancing Outlaw

Now more recently a documentary was put out with a focus on the White family Tree that I have to say is pretty interesting.


Mongo said...

Dude, that movie will change your view of some shit. I live near a lot of the same type of hillbilly, as Josh you've witnessed, and FUCK!!! these fuckers will fuck you up.

J-Axle said...

ya there a nutty family.. jesco can tap!!