Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Locust Rear Fender

I was in need of a rear fender for the Locust. I liked ribbed wassel fenders but only had a budget of about five dollars for a fender so a fancy wassel was out of the question. I was chill'n with Warren at a swap meet and he was trying to sell a skirted front fender. He sold it to me for five bucks and I turned it into something that fit my tastes.

This is what I started with.

Removed the skirts

Removed the paint and found center.

Welded some round stock in for strength and esthetics.

I didn't run the rib all the way around because I wanted the seat to fit flat to the fender.

I continued the rib on the bottom half to make it look as if it were a fully ribbed fender.


mind pill said...

WHAT? how cool is that.........

sethro said...

that is an interesting way to skin that cat..lookin groovy mr. kurpius..groovy indeed..

thomas said...

Ohhh yeah, that's a very cool and cheep way to make a kick ass fender.