Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

I spent most of the day riding in the back of a truck beneath a blistering sun. A bent valve had me watching the traffic move backwards all the way home from Bloomington Indiana. The big blue sky was calling my name and with everything broken around me I jumped on my Dad's 75 FLH. A nice departure from riding the junk I build to any one of his old bikes. They always seem to work as if they have just rolled off the assembly line. I found myself chasing the horizon line. The setting sun gave way to mortar flashes in every direction. I parked on a gravel rode where a friend was beaten to death with a baseball bat for $200. From here I could see the flashes from 5 surrounding towns. I took in the peacefulness of the freedom and the violence of its cost.


Anonymous said...

damn that first pic is a beauty not to mention the bike. everything out there looks so perfect.. it just makes me want to ride the fuck out of LA and see the peacefulness in the world. except what happened on that rode really got me down..

Texas said...

yeah.. cracking beers with friends is a great time, but 4th of July can be a pretty somber day if you really think about all the shit, people had to go through, for us to be where we are. that aside, I'm sorry about your friend, man, that is horrible. hope we see you out east soon, man.

Kansas Scout said...

Maybe it's time to move up to bikes like your Dad's?