Sunday, November 14, 2010

R.I.P Krazy Kevin

Photo stolen from the White Knights blog

Sadly..... Krazy Kevin passed away early this Saturday morning. Most people probably don't even know who exactly Krazy Kevin is..... but I largely credit him for the resurgence of period choppers which seem to be ever so popular these days. In a time of easter egg pro street machines and fat tires Kevin stayed true to what he knew and passed his wisdom on to guys much younger than himself. After breaking out of a New York jail in the 80's he spent a good amount of time in California. He shared his knowledge with fresh blood such as Rico Fodrey, Jason Jessee, Tom Foster and so many more in the area. These are all guys that were "cool" before it was cool all because of a man named Krazy Kevin. Even right up to current day where he was a major influence on the young guys in New York who are now building some of the most amazing bikes I have ever seen.

Kevin.... you will be greatly missed and you are a legend in my book

For more info stay tuned to the WHITE KNIGHTS IN THE HOUSE OF KOLOR


Cycle Nazis said...

Man thats too bad, he seemed to be a real cool cat and true to passing it on to those lucky enough to come in contact with him...wish I could have had the privilege of meeting this pioneer....

Partners in the Wind said...

was this the guy you were telling me about that licter had a picture of at his show in sturgis?

Knuckle Buster said...

Fuck! I was hoping to see him in Newburgh last night. Now I know why he wasn't there...Fuck...Bad news

righteous said...

I met him a few times at the antique meets and the local swap meets. You would never know he was sick! like two months ago his 18" over knucklehead chopper was at the Keene N swap meet! he rode it there from NY. that was one badass old man. RIP, lived it till the day he died

Chris K said...

I'm just finding this out and it's really sad.

I only knew him from a few emails and some comments he left on my blog.

I was honored when he sent me shots of his '41 Flathead, Satan's Ecstasy to post.

I thought someday I'd meet the man in person.