Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Labor Day weekend is one that I'm always looking forward to. The heat is finally relaxing and good times can always be found. Davenport is a place we ride to just have a good time and look at some parts while getting little lessons from the old timers that have forgotten more than we will ever know. Between the group of guys in Chicago we probably have a total of three dimes to rub together and that is spent on fuel and memories. It's more about hanging out with friends you rarely see. Davenport is an amazing place because if you need something it will be there it's just a matter of how much you want to spend. I'm not saying deals can't be had I'm just saying that the guys selling are on top of their game. There seems to be a much higher intelligence at this swap.

Typical booth at Davenport

Red, White and Blue

Dave eye ball'n


Josh found some sweet taxidermy

Rotten Eagle

Sean and Jack


7 dudes in a 1 dude tent

27 cents

Fat Bob loves his Bates seats

The St. Paul style seems to be Swingarm Based these days.

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Tony d. said...

ha! the patented casket-hair clambake lives on.