Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Davenport to Milwaukee

The skies parted so we headed Northeast until we hit Milwaukee. We followed the river north until an angel warned us of Demon road blocks performing "safety" checks to the north so we crossed the river and floated through the wilting corn due East. This ride wasn't without it's hard times but it didn't matter because we were all on high times. We didn't even make it out of the Quad Cities when funny guy Brad threw his empty chocolate milk bottle at Eugene. It found it's mark right were Eugene was most vulnerable... his belt drive. A quick belt change and we were back on the road. Brian was next with some distributor issues but Joe was hit the hardest when a rod blasted through is engine case. Although it couldn't have happened in a better place.... we chilled out for a few minutes at the Trading Post and had some Beers and Ice Cream. Joe hopped on the back of Milwaukee Mike's barge and we all waved good bye to 27 cents. Our journey took us through Oregon were we smoked a peace pipe with Blackhawk, passed on some meth from a tweaker on the west side of Rockford and some of us found ourselves in Lake Geneva were we had a blissful conversation with some Wisconsin County Mounties. Jerimiah shorted out beneath the Basketball in Hebron which was quickly fixed but the pack was split. Slippery Pete, Eugene, Brad and Myself waited until some cherries and berries rolled up on us. They weren't gonna leave us alone until we got moving so we all met up at a Mexican joint in Milwaukee. The word around the dinner table was that Jerimiah went down really hard in a construction zone. Caught a lip and did a flip.... I guess his years of skateboarding taught him a lot about crashing..... I didn't witness this particular cash but I did however witness the crash the following night. If it were anyone else I would have said the dude must be dead.... but I didn't even run over.... I just said to myself.... It's Jerimiah... He's all good. Two gnarly wrecks in two nights and the sum bitch doesn't even have a scratch on him.

Brian Searching
Corn and Weeds

Dream Surfing
The all mighty Mississippi

Jerimiah loves him a nice caboose

The Mule

Milwaukee Mike is always kind enough give friends a place to lay their heads no matter how dirty, drunk or fucked up the may be. Last year Slippery Pete pissed all over his coffee table but Mike is the type of guy that can see the humor in events such as these.
Mike also took us to the most amazing custard place. It hasn't changed since the late forties. Best custard my tongue has had the pleasure to taste.
Bobby Sundae's Chilax'n
"I Love Chocolate Milk, Hot Dogs and Banana Splits but that got damn bee can get fuct"

Tony Latona and his oh so sweet Junk Wagon

Headed to the Cook Customs Cook Out
Cook Out


WisconsinWillard said...

Josh, I know I've told you before, but your a righteous photographer. Plus everytime you come to Milwaukee and take pictures, it always shows me a new angle of my home.

Gus said...

big fan of the site. and im glad to see some stoners on bikes. i live in northern california and there are only like 4 bikers that smoke weed. such a let down.

juice said...

yes!!! it's cool i love that.. one french man

Kalvin said...

Awe man , what a bummer. I totally grooved on 27 cents. Talked to Joe at Born Free 2. He had the manners of a blue blooded Italian Prince. You meet the nicest people on a Honda.Hope he gets that UJM back in the wind again.

Rigid Hips Stockholm said...

Mind melting photography...