Friday, April 22, 2011

Sao Paulo, Brazil.... TWO WHEELS

Myself and 8 others from the States have been invited to the TWO WHEELS Bike Show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Joe King is the glue that is adhering all the parts of this event together. I'm honored to be invited and stoked to see Brazil! If you can make it to Brazil it should be a great time.


ITellYa-PB said...

how are you guys getting there?

ITellYa-PB said...

how are you guys getting there?

Kid Kurpius said...

The show organizers have that all figured out.

ITellYa-PB said...

Does anyone want to organise a ride to Brasil?

Jens said...

Many of the great names. You will be in good company!

Paulo Leal said...

We are waiting for here in Brasil.

Edu Mendes said...

We're working things out with a shipping company that handles short term import for movie productions.
They're experts in safe, insured worldwide shipping. Super nice guys, totally reliable and have the best rates.
2 Wheels Brazil is going to offer a discount package with airfare, hotel, tickets to the show and bike transportation.
In about a couple of weeks we should have the numbers all sorted out.
Please contact Paulo, from Joe King Speedshop for details about coming to Brazil and bringing your bike.
We're looking forward to showing everybody a sweet time in Sao Paulo.
Thank you all,

2 Wheels Brazil

Ailton© said...

Gonna be a blast, and i'm in for this party. :")