Monday, January 17, 2011

New Years

I'm finally getting around to some of the pictures from New Years Eve. I hadn't been in the City for quite some time so I figured I ought to stop in and see what was going on at Bravetown. The night started off at Taylor Street Tattoo where Jerimiah was getting his Wizard Staff Tattoo by Turbo. Eventually we found our way back to the shop where plenty of alcohol was consumed which started in peace and ended in war.

Eugene threw some ink in Jerry's arm before calling it done.

Rotten Eagles

After seeing the bikes tore down at the shop it lit a fire under my ass to start work on my bike

Brad added some rake to his Frame

Turbo and his art


Nick said...

Granted I haven't seen Brian since Born Free, but fuck! How the hell does human hair grow that fast dude?

Anonymous said...

I have a man crush on Brian

Brian MotherFucking Morris said...

god bless turbo