Monday, August 2, 2010

Momentary Stance

After crashing my bike this weekend I threw on some stock length tubes that Brian let me barrow to get home. It gives the bike a different look. The frame actually sits close to level and would have plenty of clearance if I had already mounted my squish pipe. I have another set of long tubes that I will throw back on until the end of the year when I can make some new trees and modify the neck. Right now it looks a lot like my friend Josh's Panshovel with the rake and gator boats which is cool but I don't wanna cramp his style.

I try to stay away from the cliche railroad shots but I had to try it just once.

Tonight's SunSet Ride

The little things that look like airplanes in this picture are actually Dragon flies. I couldn't believe the amount of Dragon Flies that were out and about tonight. They definitely do not feel good when the make impact with your lower lip and the sound of their wings shattering on your face is a very distinct unforgettable sound. To top it all off you had to dodge the birds the where feeding on them. It was almost as if I was the WWII bomber flying through a 100 plane dog flight.

OK... maybe twice


bassuppercut said...

Shit,assuming you only know one other josh besides yourself with a pan/shovel.....I'd say, things get used and reused,ain't my style but it just became your style......looks real good

Anonymous said...

the best as always thanks............................................................