Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Heart is The Wedge

This is the heart of The Lodge. Rob "You've got a friend in Metal" Hultz, donated this bad little mutha to the Lodge. 1978ish Zenith Allegro Wedge.
So far, Jackson Browne- Running on Empty, side 2, gets played more than any other album.


chprs4life said...

I too have joined the Record Revival. Got a wjole box full of classic rock to wear out! A nice Technics player as well. We might have to have record swap.

B Harlow said...

unfortunately the rules state that once vinyl enters the lodge it may not leave without its rightful owner. I'll have to ride along.

Mitch said...

hey I know you want my "A Star is Born" soundtrack for an AC/DC Back in Black LP - one of your duplicates of course.